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“When I stop looking for a sense of truth, I stumble. When I lose my focus on what really matters, I fall.” Mark Nepo

This quote speaks volumes in regard to the situations that are swirling all around us lately both individually and collectively. On one hand, we are witnessing what appears to be a mass exodus of souls leaving the planet; this is not something new as it happens periodically in clusters. These departing souls have fulfilled their purpose and are choosing not to exercise their options to remain here. And as much as they may have enjoyed being here, these individuals know that they can better serve mankind in spirit form free from the limitations of the body and our humanness.

While on the other hand, we have many individuals who have been functioning on auto pilot for far too long, unconsciously unaware of what their intuition and bodies have been trying to tell them for quite some time now. It appears as if the Universe is handing out body slams in record numbers as a way to help us to help ourselves. A body slam is an event or a series of events that stops us in our tracks and causes us to become still in order to listen to the voiceless voice within.

Personally, I have had several body slams throughout my life and although they weren’t enjoyable I can honestly say, I have made some of the best decisions of my life when I was laid out flat in bed unable to move. Body slams have a way of adjusting our perspectives instantaneously.

All the current events we are experiencing are happening in order to awaken us to the fact that we are here for much more than our paychecks, possessions, and personal gains. We are experiencing a time of great transformation on our planet. The evidence of which can be seen through such things as all the wild weather patterns we are experiencing throughout the globe, political and global issues being brought to light in a variety of different ways (both the positive and negative), and new groundbreaking medical and technical advances, just to name a few.

Through all these collective shifts and changes we too are experiencing our own individual transformations as well. The truth is we just aren’t who we used to be and are currently in the process of becoming who we are yet to be. It’s a time to reevaluate what is or isn’t in alignment with us. This is of extreme importance as our lives may actually depend on it. What I mean by this is that many of the things we are doing are actually making us sick. Perhaps we’ve stuffed our feelings down deep for so long that we have lost our voice of truth or perhaps we’ve given our power over to others in order to avoid any conflicts while sacrificing ourselves in the process. And for all of the caregivers out there, we have taken care of everyone and everything and somehow forgotten to take care of ourselves.

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us letting us know through both subtle and not so subtle ways when something is out of alignment. Whether it’s a food we ate that gives us indigestion, anxious feelings whenever we are in certain places or with certain people, seemingly random aches and pains, or feelings of physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion. Sometimes, there are no physical symptoms per say, however our intuition appears to be screaming at us.

Are you taking good care of yourself? Have you had your annual wellness physical including your routine tests? If you answered no to either of these questions you could be seriously putting your health at risk. Many people have been harboring underlying illnesses for sometime now and we are seeing an onslaught of individuals manifesting dis-ease into physical form in the body.

All thoughts create. With that said, I believe all illness begins with a root thought or combination of thoughts and when held long enough over time these thoughts begin to manifest as illness or dis-ease in the body. I highly recommend the book You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay; it is a timeless resource for assisting us in discovering the root thoughts that are attributed to different illnesses. It also contains positive affirmations to reverse the root thoughts. I have used “the list” from this book both personally and professionally for 20+ years. It is fabulous!

I also believe that we are given what I call “windows of opportunity”. Simply stated they are windows of time where we can begin to identify the root thought behind our proposed illness and then begin to work through it in order to heal and release it. Thereby, stopping the process of manifesting the illness into full form. These windows vary in length/time and are unique to the individual. My best advice to you dear one, is to start as soon as you are aware of any imbalance.

If you have just been diagnosed with an illness, start digging for the root thought right away and if you are in the throws of a full blown illness start peeling back the layers in order to uncover the root cause/s. This is especially important if the illness had progressed to the point of requiring surgery. I cannot stress the point enough that if you do your inner work prior to your scheduled surgery, you will stop the illness from returning later on and be done with it once and for all.

Over the years I have had the honored and privileged to study with some of the greatest teachers and healers. The foundational thread that connects each of them is the fact that they themselves walked through the fires of illness and disease and have stepped through it into complete health and healing. And as some of you know, I too have joined their ranks having healed myself from several “incurable” illnesses. I am happy to announce that I have been in full remission for over 2 years now. My doctor said my numbers keep getting better with time and based on this he believes as do I, that I can and will remain in full remission for the rest of my life. How awesome is that!

These healed healers are what I call “the firewalkers”. They are true spiritual warriors and everyday heroes who openly share their journeys through the fires of life in order to serve as purveyors of hope and living examples of triumph over tragedy. I believe our walking through the fire ahead of others and then returning back to inspire them is part of the grand plan.

I invite all you firewalkers out there to share your story with as many people as you can. Join or create a group for those who are caught somewhere within the fire. You are the beacon of light that shines in the darkness and the light of love that guides others through their personal storms. What advice would you give your very best friend if they were diagnosed with the same illness? What wisdom have you gleaned from your experience? What would you have wished someone would have told you? What would have made your journey easier or more tolerable?

Now take those answers and go: write a blog or book, teach a class, lead a drum circle, speak to groups, volunteer for your cause, or create a new program that supports and inspires others. The opportunities are limitless. Knowledge is power baby, and it’s up to us to educate one another. When we share our wisdom with others we are not only helping the individual we are casting our pebbles into the collective consciousness, causing ripples of healing to expand outward far further than we even imagined possible.


Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

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“Our purpose in life is to be happy, for when
we are truly happy this is how we change the world.”
-Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

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