What I Ache For

fountain_penWhat I ache for… the truth as I can know it. I ache for deep rest and a stronger connection with the Divine. I ache for more moments to meld with all that is. I ache for kinship- connection- oneness- community- loyalty- trust- unconditional love- acceptance- mercy- grace- joy and more simple moments. I ache for a slower pace in my life and for those around me.

When I write I feel… as if I am dancing with my soul. I feel I am continually discovering more and more of the pieces of myself. I feel a deep connection with that which is greater than me.  I feel plugged in, tuned in,  and turned on. I am at ease and my words gently flow. I paint  pictures with my words through  my thoughts, feelings, observations, and discernments.

When I write I see… deeply into what is and what isn’t. I see many facets of myself I never knew existed. I see beauty where I might have overlooked it before. I see life unfolding,  expanding, and transforming itself and me with it. I see the places I have been both happy and sad, and everything in between. I see the true connection of all of life. I see thoughts, feelings,  and ideas coming to life. I see great possibilities for myself as well as others. I see in areas of my life where I was once blind. I see true to the bone honesty. I see love all around us in many different forms.

Why do I write?  I write to tap into the connection I have with all that is and to plug into the flow of life- my Divine mind and thoughts. I write for me and from all the different aspects of me. Oftentimes, it is surprising what flows through me and what flows to me, it is what I call the song of my soul. For me it sings through both the written and spoken words. There is so much that can be contained in words and so much that is beyond their containment.

The Chinese symbol for listening includes our ears, mind and heart. It is about bringing our full attention to what or whom is present and allowing it to be in whatever form it shows up in. When we are able to write from a soul level it  is so much more, it is freeing, allowing, sometimes joy or  sadness, and it is sometimes everything all at once. I know that we are never alone and writing is just one way how we communicate to and through, and from the great Divine.

Many people walk through the forest, only a few take time to see the flowers. I want to always see the flowers!  How about you?

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