Vows of Oneness

vowsofonesness 3d book cover Vows of Oneness by Shirley Swift-Wilkinson, is a small book with a huge message. Thank you for taking the time to check out my book.  I was talking about the release of my book with someone and said “It has been five years in the making.”  Then my husband corrected me by saying “No Shirley, it has been over ten years in the making.” Wow! I was blow away just thinking about all the time that had passed since I  first embarked upon my journey with this project.

Originally, Vows of Oneness was a part of  a much larger book that was as I like to refer to it as written through me, and to me. Little did I know at that time that the information that was coming to me would  become the tools I would need to use as  my life as I knew it began to unravel in so many different directions.  So I placed my manuscript on the shelf in the closet where it remained until things began to  eventually settle down.

I returned to it six years later only to realize that some of the folks that were helping me on the project did not have my best interests in mind.  This just broke my heart and every time I went back and tried to undo changes that had been made it  really upset me. Until finally, a dear friend said, “Go back to the original manuscript and start over.” That is exactly what I did.

All the while more information kept coming to me until I wasn’t sure what did or did not belong in the book.  This really spun me out. Every time I was ready to move the book forward a roadblock would pop up  along the way. Until finally a few years later while I was in meditation it came to me  “Simplify,  take out what is the most important  part and publish it separately then let the rest fall away, if it becomes another book later on or if it doesn’t  either way it is alright.” As soon as I began to follow that advice things began to fall perfectly into place with grace and ease. I know without a doubt that this is part  of my life’s work here on this Earth. That is how Vows of Oneness has come to be.

Why Take a Vow of Oneness? “Do we all not carry within us silent promises held deep within our minds and hearts? Promises that are somehow never spoken aloud nor written to our beloved other? What purpose do these silent promises  have if they are forever held privately within ourselves?”

The time we spend here on this earth is so very short with our beloved ones. Many individuals pass in and out of our lives. It seems for most of us, we never quite find the opportunity to express our true thoughts and feelings from within the depths of our souls to that beloved other. We are oftentimes filled with regret for not sharing these truths which we hold in our hearts while we both walk this earthly plane. Life is in constant motion, ever changing and recreating itself. The vision here is to join together and celebrate our unconditional love and acceptance for one another in a rejoicing of souls through the song of everlasting love that resonates from deep within the strings of our hearts. We will create an eternal bond of ONENESS, a sacred moment in time placed lovingly  within the pages of the book we call life. This ONENESS will forever be imprinted in our hearts and carried with us eternally from this earth and beyond.

Universal Truth The world’s religions all seem to ask that their followers seek different paths to enlightenment. Yet beneath the seeming differences lies a pool of universal truth.  Quoting directly from the scriptures of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Bahá’í, Buddhism, and others, Oneness: Great Principles Shared by all Religions strips away the superficial differences  between faiths by showing that the great religious principles are expressed almost word for word in every religion.  The Golden Rule, Love Thy Neighbor, Speak Truth, It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive—these principles and more than sixty others are shown to be common to all religions.  When their inherent similarities are revealed, the collected wisdom of the world’s religions shows a profound “Oneness” of the human spirit. When placed side-by-side—with surprisingly similar wording in many instances—the essential beliefs shared by all religions confirm that our differences are superficial, and that our similarities are deep. They have the overwhelming effect of creating unity, where  differences dissolve and the soul can wonder—why do we have such conflicts?  These volumes of spiritual wisdom have another value—on a very personal level for each individual. When their most fundamental themes are gathered and compared directly, as in Oneness: Great Principles  Shared by all Religions, they become like a guide or a blueprint for the inner development of mind and spirit. They form the basis not only for how nations can live together peacefully, but also for how individuals can structure their lives to achieve success, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.  Please browse through this site—and E-mail information about it to your friends, family members, and business associates. Many people today believe in the underlying unity of religions, and would be grateful  to be notified about a book devoted to the subject.

Reviews & Blessings

“With the global movement of families and friends, one thing I find missing is marking milestones and creating traditions and rituals. It is through these “ceremonies” that we express our love and acknowledge those who mean the most to us.  Vows of Oneness provides us a much needed framework to recognize our beloved life mates, family members, children, and friends.  Personally, this book has made a tremendous impact on my life.  It allows us to acknowledge with unconditional love the sacred relationships we sometimes take for granted.  Shirley Swift-Wilkinson, through her personal journey of loss and love, has created a tender reminder of what is truly important.  She provides us with a beautifully written book and vows to exchange and reflect on to honor the essence of who we are and the connection we all have with one another.” ~ Heather H., Educator- Peoria Transition Center

“Your Vows of Oneness provides a lasting keepsake of our expression of love for all time. Thank you so much. VOO has put an anchor on the qualities of unconditional love and oneness that are beyond words. Vows of Oneness is a marker or cairn along our journey of oneness and unconditional love.” Pat O. Musician and Counselor