Signature Groups & Classes





Signature Groups & Classes

with Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

Available at:

West Valley Family Development Center

    3400 N. Dysart Road, #117

Avondale, AZ 85392

Angels! Angels! Angels!

As you walk your path in life, know that you are never alone. Each one of us has angels by our side to guide and guard us. Everyone has the ability to communicate with angels it just takes a little focused intention and practice.

Throughout this 10 part course you will discover and deepen your intuitive communication so that you can easily recognize the messages, feelings, and thoughts you are receiving through your intuitive guidance. The angels are egoless and therefore will never ever judge you. They work within your present thoughts in order to reach out to you and they are ready and willing to answer your call.

This course consists of a variety of different modalities including: written content, guided visualizations, meditations, interactive exercises, hands on experiences, angel healing techniques, specialized tools and much more. The cost is $30 per person, per class.

Discover what messages your angels have for you!


Circles of Light™ Intuitive Development Group
Join us as we set out on a journey to share, explore, and deepen our intuitive gifts. Throughout our journey we will learn many self-empowering tools and techniques to enhance our lives. Topics include: how to work with our angels, spirit guides, and animal totems. How to balance the chakra energy centers within the body, muscle testing, sound healing, and so much more. This group is comprised of written content, discussion and hands on experiences.

***The first introductory group meeting will be at no cost- the cost thereafter
will be $30 per meeting/per person. Meetings will be held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and are approx. 2 hours in length.

Self Care 101 For Women Class Series

Self- care is not selfish, it’s necessary. As women, we are natural born caregivers who spend a great deal of our time and energy tending to the needs of others day in and day out. If we don’t take care of ourselves first; how can we ever expect to be able to nurture others? Especially when our well of energy has run dry. Self care is not only vital to our overall health and wellbeing, it’s essential for our survival. Join us as we explore the art of self care. Each week we will focus on a different level of self-care. (12 week series)


Life Awareness Class Series
12 classes/12 weeks
^Inner Peace & Stillness ^ Unconditional Love & Acceptance^ Health & Healing ^
^Self- Empowerment ^ Purpose & Passion ^ Releasing & Letting Go ^ Compassion & ^Forgiveness ^ Joy & Happiness ^ Creativity ^ ^Vulnerability ^ Freedom & Choice ^ ^Connection & Oneness^


*** All classes will be held on a weekly a basis and are part of a 12 week series, each class is approx. 2 hours in length. Cost is $25 per person, per class.

Group and class sizes are limited reserve your spot today!
By calling 623-377-0039 or email



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***Please note: Groups are currently being held privately and publicly in many locations across the valley.

 If you would like to form a group of your own, gather your tribe together and we would love to meet with you to    discuss the possibilities.