“Informative, insightful, a gentle reminder of things I know-and can do for others but not do for myself..my session with Shirley gave me hope. I already have referred people to Shirley and I will continue to do so.” C.J.

“My sessions with Shirley are calming, peaceful and very freeing. Working with Shirley, enables one to release guilt, sorrow, etc. all the damaging and negative emotions. She helps you to understand situations or people from another perspective. You feel a special connection with Shirley. I will continue to refer my family and friends to Shirley for guidance. Keep doing what you are so good at Shirley; I love the sessions. Thank you.” C.B.

” I was very comfortable and surprised to be at ease after being nervous about the reading before hand. Then I found out Shirley’s beliefs were the same as mine. I would highly recommend Shirley to my family and friends. It was an awesome experience.” R.S.

“My session with Shirley was just what I needed. It was very enlightening and soothing. I would absolutely refer anyone I know to have a private session with Shirley.” K.E.

“I met Shirley and she did an amazing intuitive session for me. Both my 1st husband who had passed away and my father came forward with amazing messages for me. Our session was more than I could have imagined and I am forever grateful for the experience. I would highly recommend Shirley to do a session for anyone.”M.K.O

“My first session with Shirley was wonderful. She made me feel peaceful and calm, so I was able to relax immediately. I liked that she uses a variety of different modalities. The most wonderful thing about the session – everything she told me came true. I have gone back 2 more times- and again, everything she told me came true. I continue to refer my family and friends. Shirley is one of the best intuitive I have been to and I respect her a great deal.” D.D.

Shirley is the real deal. All of my sessions with her continue to validate and assist me with so many things that are going on in my life. She helps you to see your life with much more clarity and she comes from a place of pure love and no judgement. I am so grateful for her insights and guidance. Her intuitive gifts are spot on. I am also glad to  see that she is offering to teach us about our intuitive gifts. I am wanting to start one of Shirley’s groups with my co-workers and friends just as soon as I can” S.S.

“It was emotional for me and I found it to be very helpful in helping me find out some things about myself and letting go of some emotional problems that I didn’t realize I was holding on to and were tying me down and not letting me go forward. I found out some things that I needed to face and to forgive and tools to assist me when I find myself falling into the same routine. I thank you for pointing them out to me. I would recommend Shirley Swift-Wilkinson WITHOUT HESITATION! Shirley is a very warm and friendly person. She made me feel as if I’ve known her a very long time.” O.R

“My private session with Shirley was extremely comfortable and well worth it. She was very accurate in my session with her and helped me to feel open to the messages and opportunities that exist. Shirley has a very kind and comfortable energy, with this energy, she is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear- which is not always easy to get across. I really look forward to my next session with her.” M. H