Windows Of Opportunity

  “When I stop looking for a sense of truth, I stumble. When I lose my focus on what really matters, I fall.” Mark Nepo This quote speaks volumes in regard to the situations that are swirling all around us lately both individually and collectively. On one hand, we are witnessing what appears to be […]

Are You An Intuitive Empath?

Empaths are extremely sensitive individuals that experience life through their intuition. They can easily pick up the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others as well as, the energies of the places they visit. An empath’s gifts of clear feeling are also known as clairsentience. Empaths are much more feeling oriented than other individuals. Empaths receive […]

New Beginnings 2014

The great wheel of time has once again ushered in a brand new year full of hopes, dreams, and adventures just waiting to be born. For many of us just stepping off the crazy train of the holiday season comes as a huge relief. Having been on sensory overload for the past few months we […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter December 4, 2013

The Dance Of Discovery– Throughout our lives we are continually recreating and transforming ourselves into to who we are becoming next. I believe as long as we are breathing we are learning something. Sometimes what we need to learn involves a great deal of action and other times what we need to learn is simply to […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter October 9, 2013

 Living Right Where We Stand- Summoning our strength and courage to live from a place that is not yet knowable can be exhausting. Our minds can drive us nuts with our seemingly endless list of what ifs. Meanwhile, we are running around in circles gathering as much knowledge as we possibly can. While we are engaged […]

A = Adventure

Adventure- is defined as an exciting or remarkable experience usually involving unknown risk. “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey “Inside us all patiently waiting sits an adventurous little bird, just waiting to go out and explore the world.” Shirley Swift-Wilkinson “After all of my […]