50 Lessons I Learned In Life

  1. Don’t let anyone rob you of your joy. 2. Life isn’t always easy or fair. 3. Life is a blessing and a gift; it comes in all different forms and flavors, without the sour we wouldn’t appreciate the sweet. 4. Live in the present, it’s the only moment you have control over. 5. […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter October 9, 2013

┬áLiving Right Where We Stand-┬áSummoning our strength and courage to live from a place that is not yet knowable can be exhausting. Our minds can drive us nuts with our seemingly endless list of what ifs. Meanwhile, we are running around in circles gathering as much knowledge as we possibly can. While we are engaged […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter June 11, 2013

There Are Seven Days In A Week And Someday Isn’t One Of Them- Recently it seems like time has slowed down or at the very least seems to have leveled out compared to the hectic pace we have been running at for the last few years. Something is afoot; although I’m not quite sure what […]

A = Adventure

Adventure- is defined as an exciting or remarkable experience usually involving unknown risk. “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey “Inside us all patiently waiting sits an adventurous little bird, just waiting to go out and explore the world.” Shirley Swift-Wilkinson “After all of my […]