Spring Has Sprung

  Spring is a celebration of the renewal of life force energy arising when all appeared to be silent and sleeping. It’s a time when we are born anew signaling a resurgence of power to achieve all that our hearts desire. Mother Nature, gently calls to us to begin creating the new ideas and projects […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter July 30, 2013

Spread Your Wings -Touch The Earth And The Sky According to Merriam-Webster online transformation is defined as “to change in composition or structure, character or condition, and/or outward form or appearance”. Butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation, personal growth, and change. They remind us that through our continued processes of change, we can […]

Intuitive Illuminations May 28th, 2013 Newsletter

  Are They Sitting On A Nail? Are you feeling a pull to change? Just because we feel the need for change, doesn’t always mean that others are ready to change along with us. Yes, we all change in many different ways some subtle and some not so subtle. I am reminded of the timeless […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter February 19,2013

Bypass The Body Slam- I have been noticing a lot of little annoyances happening all around us lately. I realize that to some extent these sorts of things happen all the time. Currently, however these minor irritations seem to be increasing more and more. It’s not about the annoyances; it’s about the choices we are […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter November 2012

Changing Times Time seems to be flying by so quickly it’s hard to believe this year is almost over. Change is within us and all around us and it continues to be a time of huge shifts and transformations in all our lives. Within these current changes it seems that we no longer have time […]