Windows Of Opportunity

  “When I stop looking for a sense of truth, I stumble. When I lose my focus on what really matters, I fall.” Mark Nepo This quote speaks volumes in regard to the situations that are swirling all around us lately both individually and collectively. On one hand, we are witnessing what appears to be […]

Good For Now

Recently, I have been noticing repeating patterns in my life and those around me. It’s as if we’re moving into a place of deepening empowerment. We are being presented with experiences that beckon to us to take a stand for what we believe in. By taking a stand we are able to consciously slow down […]

Spring Has Sprung

  Spring is a celebration of the renewal of life force energy arising when all appeared to be silent and sleeping. It’s a time when we are born anew signaling a resurgence of power to achieve all that our hearts desire. Mother Nature, gently calls to us to begin creating the new ideas and projects […]

Weathering The Storms Of Life

  Recently an unexpected storm blew into our lives and over the last few weeks we have been doing all we can to keep our heads above the water. As a family once divided we have now become reunited. It really is amazing to see how in the midst of a life threatening storm love […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter July 30, 2013

Spread Your Wings -Touch The Earth And The Sky According to Merriam-Webster online transformation is defined as “to change in composition or structure, character or condition, and/or outward form or appearance”. Butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation, personal growth, and change. They remind us that through our continued processes of change, we can […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter July 11, 2013

Is It Time To Change Your Filter? Is your personal energy field in need of realignment?  Do you find that you have become more easily irritated by life’s little annoyances? If so, you may be suffering from hypersensitivity. When I was going through my healing process some years ago, I was blessed to be able […]