No Explanation Necessary 10 Things That Need No Explanation

Among the many struggles in life, the fear of worrying about what others will think has the power to stop us in our tracks every time, if we allow it. It would seem that everywhere we look someone has an opinion along with an overwhelming urge to put in his or her unsolicited two cents. […]

Gifts Of Grace-

  “Courage is grace under pressure.” Ernest Hemingway Grace is a one of the most magnificent mysteries of life; it meets us exactly where we are, then transports us far beyond where it found us. It not only transports us, it transforms us throughout the entire process of its manifestation. Shining like a beacon within […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter December 4, 2013

The Dance Of Discovery– Throughout our lives we are continually recreating and transforming ourselves into to who we are becoming next. I believe as long as we are breathing we are learning something. Sometimes what we need to learn involves a great deal of action and other times what we need to learn is simply to […]

Intuitive Illuminations May 28th, 2013 Newsletter

  Are They Sitting On A Nail? Are you feeling a pull to change? Just because we feel the need for change, doesn’t always mean that others are ready to change along with us. Yes, we all change in many different ways some subtle and some not so subtle. I am reminded of the timeless […]

Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter April 16, 2013

Closing The Door Behind You- I was talking with a friend the other day and I was struck by something she shared with me. She said that she had made plans to meet with someone she really didn’t want to meet with. She then shared with me that when she was making the arrangements the […]

Balance -Part 2

 I used to think I would hurt some one’s feelings by saying “No,” so I didn’t say it very much. I would always want things to be fair (not sure if this is a Libra thing or not) and was heartbroken the moment I realized things are not always fair. I was a perpetual giver ( […]