Spring Has Sprung



Spring is a celebration of the renewal of life force energy arising when all appeared to be silent and sleeping. It’s a time when we are born anew signaling a resurgence of power to achieve all that our hearts desire. Mother Nature, gently calls to us to begin creating the new ideas and projects that we have been incubating these past few months. Out of the darkness of our deep winter’s sleep, it’s time to begin breaking through the surface into the light of the dawn of spring. The magic of spring carries with it rebirth and the promise of endless possibilities yet to come.

Spring is often associated with the egg as this symbolizes fertility and inner truth. Over time we come to realize that all we ever really need lies within us. Throughout our lifetimes we are blessed with so many opportunities for our own personal metamorphosis, and springtime is by far one of the greatest examples of this transformation. It mirrors back to us our greatness, vulnerability, courage, strength, perseverance, patience, beauty, compassion, wonder, and mystery.

Nature’s magical display abounds all around us calling to our inner explorer to come out and play. It’s a time to see the world through the eyes of a child by opening up and allowing us to remember what it’s like to be amazed and awed by the spirit of spring and all her wonders. Whether it is the joy of newborn life, a new grandson for me, or Nature revealing itself anew to us on our morning walk or in our own backyard.

Air is the element of spring and it is associated with our free flowing thoughts, flights of fancy, freedom, and expansion. We are reminded of the seeds that we have sown that lie just beneath the surface ready to burst upwards towards the light. In turn they are reborn as tiny sprouts, then transform into seedlings. With continued care and nurturing our seedlings will grow stronger each day until they reach full maturity and give themselves completely to the world, in fulfillment of their purpose. And when they have given all that they have to give, they will return to the earth once again and through their death they will be reborn over and over. Life is an eternal process of beginnings and endings; in reality there is no death there is only a change of worlds. As we celebrate the joy of spring know that we are recreating ourselves anew in each passing moment. May all your moments be filled with the magic of spring and the promise of a new day yet to be discovered and treasured. Happy Spring my friends!




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