Are you feeling scattered, stuck or stagnate?

Are you unsure of which way to turn?

Are you ready for a change?


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The first step in creating the life you have been dreaming of, a life filled with  purpose and passion. As an intuitive consultant Shirley gathers all your scattered bits and pieces, organizes them and lays them out so that you can see far clearer  than ever before. The greatest gift she gives you is she gives you back  to yourself. Thus, awakening and empowering you to move fearlessly forward,  in the direction of your true heart’s desires to yourself. Thus, awakening and  empowering you to move fearlessly forward, in the direction of your true heart’s desires.

Whether you are looking to make a change in your career, personal life or multiple  changes throughout different areas in your life. Shirley can assist you each step of  the way.  You are unique and so are your circumstances and your belief systems.. This is why each session is customized to fit the needs of the individual  not a one size fits all mindset.

Shirley acts as a conduit for the divine sharing the intuitive messages she receives for you along with self-empowering tools that she has used both personally and professionally. Theses tools have allowed her to make positive changes throughout her own life and the lives of countless others. Shirley definitely walks her talk.  It is her heart’s desire to assist others in making positive changes in their own lives should they choose to do so.

Shirley assists you in navigating your way to your own personal happiness by illuminating  the areas in your life that may be affecting you negatively. Shirley will  also assist you in uncovering and removing the obstacles that are blocking you from moving forward on your  path. Your load becomes lighter and life begins to flow with ease as you step fearlessly forward. You are then able to cast your sails in the direction of your life’s purposeful  path and live the  life you have only dreamed of. The dream becomes a reality and before you know it you are joyously dancing the dream alive everyday!


Change begins with one step…  Start now!