New Beginnings 2014

photo 5The great wheel of time has once again ushered in a brand new year full of hopes, dreams, and adventures just waiting to be born. For many of us just stepping off the crazy train of the holiday season comes as a huge relief. Having been on sensory overload for the past few months we are grateful for the respite; we have begun to settle into the rhythms of this brand new year.

According to Numerology, 2014 (2+0+1+4= 7) is a seven Universal Year. With that said, 2014 is a very powerful and transformative year especially as it relates to our evolving collective consciousness. The energy of the seven-year is a highly spiritual vibration and is said to be a link between Earth and Heaven. This allows us great insights into what lies ahead for us as we move further along into 2014.

The seven’s energy is associated with discovering the truth of the unknown. This energy causes us to question everything on a much deeper level and also asks us to choose what is and is not true for us in the process. This falls perfectly in alignment with the mass awakening of consciousness that people all across our planet have been experiencing over the past few years.

As we continue moving forward more and more of us will begin to question our spirituality, belief systems, life’s purpose, as well as our connection to our planet and to one another. Throughout this new year we must also pay close attention to the signs and symbols we are being shown in our dreams and through our intuitive senses. These dreams and visions are guiding us to which steps to take and when we should take them. The key lies not in finding the perfect balance between our intuitive and logical minds, but in the realization that these two minds need not be equal. This new paradigm’s dominating energy is based in the intuitive rather than logical mind.

As this new energy is ushered in the waves of awakening will continue to wash over us. Even those who have never considered themselves intuitive will begin to acknowledge their gifts; in turn we will begin developing an even deep soul connection with our higher selves. Many seekers will also be searching for opportunities to connect with one another and in community in order to learn, share, and grow in exciting, new ways. As we continue to see the topics of spirituality and metaphysics meld into our mainstream culture, “woo woo” won’t be so out there anymore. Even science and medicine continue to nod their heads yes in the direction of spirituality, quantum physics, and holistic health care by integrating the mind, body and spirit connection.

As our awakening continues the need to listen even closer to our inner guidance becomes second nature. We might be guided to begin a new spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga, spend more time in nature, hang out more often with our beloved animal companions, or to begin implementing a much more clean and healthy lifestyle.

Start by recognizing what it is that’s calling to you. Keep in mind this is not the be all end all, it is a stepping stone that leads you to the next step upon your purpose-filled path. As we move forward it’s extremely important to carve out as much time as we possibly can to be still and go within in order to connect to our own innate inner wisdom.

If someone or something doesn’t resonate with you, honor that by listening to your guidance. Don’t waste any of your precious time or energy trying to figure it out; recognize it for what it is  and move on. The mind can be deceived but the soul cannot, it recognizes truth wherever it is found. By far the greatest gift this new vibration of the energy of the seven-year brings us is a deeper understanding of each other, our planet, and ourselves. Change is within us and all around us my fellow tribe members. These certainly are magical times we live in; it’s both an honor and a privilege to be alive.

Deep peace,

Shirley Swift-Wilkinson 



  1. Zoey Hearburg says:

    Enlightening and interesting!

  2. Shirley, As always your right on.

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