Living In the Present Moment


Through its example, the nautilus reminds us to always live in the present and to keep moving forward. Its image is often used to represent the spiral of eternal life. Each time the nautilus grows it creates a new and larger chamber then seals the previous chamber by building a new internal structural wall. The “final” chamber is always left open ended; it can never go back to the previous chambers, as they no longer fit. It cannot stay in its present space or it will die. It has no choice but to move forward.

Like the nautilus, when we have outgrown our past we can build a wall to contain it. In order to continue moving forward into our newly expanded space we must fully release our past in order step into the present moment. “There is no distance on this earth as far away as yesterday.” ~Robert Nathan

When we are living in the present, we are accepting life exactly as it is, not as how we wish it would be. We realize that everything is perfect, whole, and complete. We are no longer willing to tie ourselves up in knots trying to make things into something that they clearly are not. We can find peace in our hearts knowing that everything is in divine and perfect order and that if something is truly meant to be it will be. When we go with the flow we can’t help but be present and mindful. We must continually remind ourselves to allow what is to be.

Whenever we choose to live in the past or the future it sabotages our enjoyment of today, it sabotages us from truly living the life we were meant to live. The here, the now, the present it’s the only moment we truly have to experience, learn, grow, create, change, rest, and live. When we choose a mindset that is deeply rooted in the present moment our lives become much more aligned on purpose. “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.” -Unknown

In order to live in the present moment we must create quiet spaces between our thoughts, places where there is room to listen to what our higher selves are telling us. We cannot listen if our minds are constantly engaged with chattering thoughts. Over time we begin to lose ourselves in these thoughts and become disconnected with reality. It becomes much harder to focus and concentrate and reality becomes more like a concept and not something that actually exists.

5 Tips For Living In The Present Moment:

1. Quieting The Mind
Quieting our minds/thoughts can be much like trying to herd cats, before you know it they are all over the place. A much simpler solution is to become the quiet observer, by simply observing the thoughts as they roll in and out like clouds across the sky without any judgment. Then begin to focus our attention on the empty space between the thoughts.

2. Just Breathe
We must begin by focusing our attention on our breath. Our breath carries within it the life- sustaining force that breaths us into being. Are we breathing the breath or is the breath breathing us? Either way it is an exchange that sustains us moment by moment whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The easiest way to bring ourselves back to the present moment is by taking three slow deep breaths. This works like a charm.

3. We Are Far Greater Than Our Thoughts
There are times when we might think that our thoughts are what defines us, however, we are certainly not our thoughts. We are greater than any thought we have ever had. We are a part of something far greater, the Divine force that is the Creator, which flows through our minds, bodies, and spirits uniting us with all of creation. When we are able to quiet our minds that is when we are able to hear the voice of Spirit calling out to us through the gentle pauses.

4. Find Your Musical Muse
Listening to beautiful soul stirring music can bring our attention back to the present moment while at the same time helping us to clear the clutter of thoughts within our busy minds. Music can transport us beyond time and space allowing us to journey to places that have yet to be discovered. Personally, I have found that many of the classical master’s music contains certain tones that when combined together unlock hidden knowledge.

5. Mastering Mindfulness
By bringing our awareness into all our actions we are practicing mindfulness. Whether we are washing the dishes or gazing at a beautiful sunset, whenever our minds are present and focused on whatever we are engaged in, we are simply living in the moment.
Nautiluses are considered to be “living fossils” as they have survived for millions of years. The secret of which can be found in always moving forward and living in the present moment.

Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

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