Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter July 30, 2013

Spread Your Wings -Touch The Earth And The Skyphoto

According to Merriam-Webster online transformation is defined as “to change in composition or structure, character or condition, and/or outward form or appearance”.

Butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation, personal growth, and change. They remind us that through our continued processes of change, we can emerge from our struggles renewed and transformed from the sum of our experiences.

In order for this metamorphosis to occur, the caterpillar must dissolve itself by releasing enzymes creating a caterpillar soup. This soup contains specialized cells known as imaginal discs. Before hatching, when a caterpillar is still developing inside its egg, it grows an imaginal disc for each of the adult body parts it will need as a mature butterfly —discs for its eyes, its wings, etc. In some instances these imaginal discs remain dormant until the time of transformation; and in other instances, these discs begin to take the shape of adult body parts even before the transformation has begun. Some caterpillars are already equipped with tiny wings tucked inside their bodies that remain virtually undetectable with the naked eye. One study even suggests that butterflies remember what they have learned as caterpillars.

This is a great example of how knowledge can survive the metamorphosis process, thus creating a link between our awareness and our physical bodies. Do you have wings lying dormant just below the surface waiting to emerge and allow you the freedom to soar? Not quite sure? The first step is to identify what stage you are currently in.

There are four stages that the butterfly must go through in order to complete its transformation.

Egg Stage: giving birth to new ideas, goals, and dreams, including our personal awareness and relationships.This is the stage where we must create a safe environment in which to support and nourish our eggs (ideas) in order for them to grow.

Caterpillar Stage: a strong desire or need for change to occur. It is also a time to gather pieces, question everything, and assess what is important. This is a place where we often feel disenchanted or disconnected with something or someone. We may even find that the things that once brought us joy no long serve us. This signals a time for us to prepare and ready ourselves as change lies just ahead.

Chrysalis Stage: the word “chrysalis” means crisis. This can be a time of indecision, second guessing, fear of making the wrong choices, anger, frustration, where nothing seems to make sense. It might even be our “dark night of the soul.” This is the place where we are able to break down our self limiting beliefs and self imposed obstacles or  lay in hibernation by withdrawing and going within. Internal changes abound all throughout this stage. It is during this stage that our most profound transformations occur. The chrysalis stage allows us to break ourselves down to our deepest depths in order to rebuild ourselves back up into who we truly are- a beautiful self empowered soul that is fully capable of achieving our full potential.

Butterfly Stage: a time of reawakening, rebirth, and renewal. As we reemerge, we are reminded of where we have been and how far we come in our transformation. As it is often said, we remember our struggles much easier than our triumphs and gain immeasurable wisdom from passing through and coming out the other side of our experiences. After having gathered up all of our reserves in order to sustain us throughout our transformation we find ourselves in the final stage of our development. This is the place where we have truly earned our wings and are ready to soar. It is through our struggles that we gain the strength we need to soar and become the person that we were meant to be all along.

Now it is time to apply all that you have come to know in order to dance your dream alive! Fly high dear ones, FLY!

In Light & Love,


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