Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter October 9, 2013

 photo copy 5Living Right Where We Stand- Summoning our strength and courage to live from a place that is not yet knowable can be exhausting. Our minds can drive us nuts with our seemingly endless list of what ifs. Meanwhile, we are running around in circles gathering as much knowledge as we possibly can. While we are engaged in these mind quests we often forget to participate in the life that is presently laid out before us. Some of us have a tendency to live way out in the future, always looking miles ahead. Before we know it time has passed us by. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t make plans for the future, we should. Let’s just not get so caught up in it that we lose sight of our present moments.

We are all teachers and students at different points throughout our lives. There are times when we act as mirrors for one another in order to illuminate the darkened corners of ourselves where our fears, worries and stresses tend to hide. This allows us to see things from a much broader perspective.

Years ago a friend of mine taught me this lesson: to never wander too far out in the ethers that you lose sight of who and where you are. I watched my friend spend a great deal of her time and money caught up in the intoxicating allure of acquiring things and making new connections in her new business. She became so caught up in the excitement of it all, that she couldn’t see the mess she was creating right in front of her. No sooner had she started her business, she began talking about opening several more locations. She really had no idea what running a business entailed.

Before long she had exhausted all of her resources, she lost herself and became sick in the process. She came to realize how blinded by the future she had become: she finally had to resign herself to the fact that she desperately needed help. She, along with the help of experts cleaned up the mess and rose from the ashes in order to build the successful business she had wanted all along.

I love the fact that we can learn just as much from others experiences as we can our own. By witnessing the challenges, choices, and outcomes of others we are able to learn from their examples, both the good and not so good. When we realize we have cast ourselves too far out into the future it’s essential that we stop and do a 180, in order to look at what we are fleeing from. Are we coming from a place of egocentricity or blind pride? Or have we become material monsters seeking satisfaction and validation from gathering a stockpile of possessions. The present is non-existent when we spend all our time and energy dwelling in the future.

In reality the only time we have any control over is the present. Our past is what has molded and shaped us into who we are today and our future is ever changing based on our thoughts, choices, and actions. We realize our need to gather knowledge is not enough, there has to be something more: this is when we summon up the courage to live with what we do not know, from a place we cannot control that is sometimes scarred with pain and choose to live right where we stand. As we venture out into the ethers on occasion, let us always remember to return home to our touchstone-the present moment.

In Light & Love,


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