Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter November 6, 2013


Own Your Gifts- As a student of life, I am fascinated by the human spirit: everything from our ability to endure and overcome life’s challenges to understanding what it is that causes us to think, speak and do the things we do. We are the ultimate expression of duality in both our similarities and differences. We are individual aspects of the one great Divine. It is through our own unique filters- our feelings along with the wisdom and knowledge we have gained from our experiences that allow our minds to perceive what will or will not become true for us.

 What might be too difficult a task for one person might be too easy for another. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, things that we are naturally good at and things that we struggle to try to accomplish. So often we find ourselves falling into the trap of thinking that just because we are able to do something easily and effortlessly that everyone else can do it too. Which in reality is just not the case. We often take our gifts and talents for granted and in turn don’t give ourselves credit for having them in the first place.

Part of our purpose is to celebrate our uniqueness by embracing our natural born gifts and talents, and continue to develop them even further by sharing them in a variety of new and innovative ways with the world. No one else does what you do in the exact same way you do it. Everything we do contains our unique essence, our energetic fingerprint if you will. It is in everything we create: the poem we wrote, the speech we gave, and the painting we painted, even in the food we prepared. Sometimes these energies are felt subtlety and sometimes they are bold and strong. Either way they’re just waiting to be discovered and explored.

When we begin to open our eyes to our gifts with true appreciation we find that inspiration is all around us, even in the most unlikely of places. We are inspirers and through our own creative expressions we cause one another to have a thought that leads to an idea that gives birth to a new creative expression that has never been experienced before. As inspirers, we must continue to ignite the creative spark within us as well as each other. Never underestimate the difference YOU make in this world by simply being YOU!

Vision is the art of seeing what others do not see. A true artist uses their gifts and talents to create their vision in such a way that allows others to see the world through their eyes. This in turn causing the invisible to become visible.

To those born with the vision of the journey, life shimmers with beauty and wonder, and the impossible becomes IM-POSSIBLE.

In Light & Love,



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