Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter March 5, 2013

180d6b2ab46ca2c8033d93d066cc7afe_i43dThe Creative Spark of Grief

“Grief is like a mine shaft, narrow and deep” —Kenzaburo Oë

I am dedicating this newsletter to all those who are grieving in one form or another.

Throughout our lives we experience many different aspects of grief. We grieve for the passing of a loved one, a friendship or relationship that has ended, even our children’s transition into adulthood. We also grieve for what could have been or what might have been if we would have made different choices. We grieve for loves that were not meant to be, for shattered dreams, unfulfilled accomplishments, we even grieve for the loss of our own child like innocence, for our need to live a simpler life, and for more time to spend doing the things we love with the people we love.

Grief comes to us in waves; we can choose to run from it, stuff it down deep within us  or be with it. When we choose to run from it, it will continually nip at our heels and hearts reminding us that we have unfinished business with this relentless pursuer.

When we choose to stuff it down, it’s as if we have encased ourselves in an iron cage of sorrow. In either case if left unresolved, it will eventually manifest into the physical form  as dis-ease or illness in the body. This is grief in its destructive form.

On the other hand, when we choose to be with grief we can overcome its destructive forms by allowing our minds and bodies to process these energies and to then release them. Personally, I believe tears are our body’s way of processing energies and emotions that are beyond words. Crying is not a sign of weakness; it is truly a place where our strength emerges. Talking things out with a trusted individual is also a wonderful way to really drill down to our raw emotions and feelings in order to bring them to light. In this way, we can then begin to acknowledge that these thoughts and feelings exist. Once we are able to acknowledge this we can then begin to choose to move past them or continue to hold on to them. Journaling is also another wonderful way to do a “mind dump” to empty all that we are thinking and feeling on to the page in order to get it out and then choose to begin to move past it.

“Sorrow  is a kind of rust of the soul, which every new idea contributes in its  passage to scour away” —Samuel Johnson, The Rambler, August 28, 1750

Grief is a creative energy. We can channel this energy in either positive or negative directions, the choice is ours. When we can channel it in positive ways we can create beauty that is beyond our imaginations. Grief has been and continues to be the creative spark of our greatest works of art and literature throughout the ages. It cuts straight to our core and allows us to use it to express our deepest thoughts and experiences. Grief can be a great teacher and a beautiful gift if we are willing to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities.


“Sorrows, like rain, makes roses and mud”—Austin O’Malley


In light with love,




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