Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter March 19, 2013

180d6b2ab46ca2c8033d93d066cc7afe_i43dEliminating The Unnecessary- As I sat in quiet meditation, a familiar image flashed before my eyes: it was Michelangelo’s Unfinished Slaves, the four figures, at the Accademia Museum in Florence, Italy. We had the privilege to view them in person several years ago; they were larger than life and left their powerful images forever imprinted within my soul.

Michelangelo himself had said that he worked to liberate the forms that were imprisoned in the marble. He looked upon his job as simply removing the excess.
He would visualize the forms that existed within the stone. Then would begin chipping away at the stone, eliminating the unnecessary pieces in order to reveal his vision to the world.

In regard to the Unfinished Slaves, Michelangelo revealed completed sections of their bodies emerging from each massive stone. The contrast of rough and untouched versus smooth and finished is quite a metaphor of our own lives – the love, the pain, and everything in between. These wonderful works of art have been and continue to be a great source of inspiration to countless artists, scholars and seekers throughout the world.

The Young Slave depicts no sign of struggle to free himself. It’s as if he is venturing out encumbered into the world.

The Atlas Slave appears as if he is carrying the weight of the entire world on his shoulders.

The Awakening Slave, the metaphor of the inability to escape, portrays the seemingly endless struggle of mankind to free oneself from our physical constraints and liberate our true selves within.

The Bearded Slave is the most complete of the four. He appears to be almost free. His body is almost complete with only his hands and part of his arm left unfinished.

Just as Michelangelo created his vision in stone, we too can begin to focus our vision in our mind’s eye and then begin the process of chipping away at what is unnecessary in order to set our vision free. Which poses the questions: what aspects of your life are in need of sculpting in order to reveal your unique vision to the world? And, are you willing to allow whatever it is that is causing you to struggle to fall away in order to set your soul free? How much of your vision will be revealed and how much of it will remain hidden? Remember, it is your life and masterpiece you are sculpting and the choice is always yours.

In light & love.


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