Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter June 26, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over-photo

We often hear the term ‘my cup runneth over’ meaning I have more than enough to fulfill my needs. This can be anything from gathering information to gathering personal possessions. There comes a point when our cups become filled to capacity. Whether we have filled our cup up slowly little by little or we have filled it up so quickly that we didn’t even realize it is full. Either way you look at it our cup is full and it can hold no more.

When this happens we often find ourselves feeling stuck or stagnate, and as much as we try to move forward we simply cannot. In order to gain the momentum to begin moving forward we must empty our cup so that we can begin filling it back up over and over again. It is a continual process of emptying and filling.

For all of us information gatherers, this signals that the time has come for us to take the wisdom and knowledge that we have gathered and share it with others. This becomes a necessary step for us to take in order to learn and grow. This can mean different things to different people. It might finally be time for you to write that book you have always been guided to write or share your wisdom by teaching what you have learned to others who could benefit from it. Perhaps it’s time for you to create a signature workshop or community event, volunteer for your favorite cause, or pass your once treasured items on to others who will enjoy them as much as you have. The list of possibilities is endless.

As soon as we begin to empty our cups, things in our lives begin to shift and change not only for our greatest good but, also for the greater good of all concerned. We finally become able to move in a new direction that we have been wanting to move toward. Only this time things will flow with grace and ease. It’s as if we are climbing a staircase and we refill our cup with each step we take. In order to continue moving forward we must be willing to empty our cup by sharing what we have come to know with others. We not only heal what needs healing, we empower others to have the strength and determination to move forward by emptying their cups as well.

We are both teachers and students, who can learn so much for one another. Everyone experiences life through their own unique perspectives and by sharing our experiences with one another we can not only gain a deeper understanding allowing us see things we might have never seen before.

On a personal note, in order to simplify our lives we decided to purge whatever items we no longer loved or needed. It was quite a daunting process at first, but once we got started we were on a roll. We decided to hold an ‘Eclectic Yard Sale’; we advertised that we had many unique and unusual items from our spiritual/metaphysical household. For two days we met some of the most amazing people. It was so wonderful to watch them get so excited over the items they were buying.

Thanks to my sister, Heather, each child that came to our sale was given a new book to add to his or her collection. As I watched two elderly ladies admiring my vintage perfume atomizers, I heard one say to the other, “I can see you that you absolutely love that bottle and I would love to buy it for you as a gift to remember me by.” How cool is that?

Even our 250 year old heirloom bed found a home, as a new “big boy bed” for a 3 year old boy named Jake. It warmed our hearts, as we watched him and his grandfather carry it home in pieces on a wheeled trailer attached to the back of their bike.

We also met a woman and her family who own a thrift shop that supports children in Mexico. She bought many of our business related items. We had a large check out stand we donated to them as well as our unsold items. When they came back after the sale to pick up the items her husband Jorge, along with their two sons, bowed to us asking God to bless us for blessing them. It was indeed both an honor and a privilege to receive such a profound act of gratitude.

As a side note Heather recognized Jorge but couldn’t quite place where she knew him. Later she realized that he was one of her adult students from her English as a second language class. Truly amazing grace.

Afterwards, as we stood together in our empty garage we looked around in awe, as ourĀ  cups were refilled once again only this time it wasn’t with items, it was with great joy and gratitude.

In Light & Love,


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