Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter June 11, 2013

There Are Seven Days In A Week And Someday Isn’t One Of Them-

InsertedImageRecently it seems like time has slowed down or at the very least seems to have leveled out compared to the hectic pace we have been running at for the last few years. Something is afoot; although I’m not quite sure what it is exactly it appears that there is a new awakening that is occurring within us and all around us.

For the past few months there seemed to be an overwhelming urgency to hurry up and get things in order because we were about to move in totally different directions. For some of us it might have meant relocating to another state or city, changing jobs, ending certain relationships, sorting through years of collections or clearing clutter, etc.

I have asked many different people over the last few weeks whether or not they have been experiencing this slowing of time as well. I am not surprised to find that everyone I talked to appears to be experiencing this very same thing. I find this extremely interesting, as we know that there are no coincidences. It would appear that the Universe has slammed on the brakes so to speak in regard to all the urgency of the past, causing us to become more aware of what it is we are doing and why we are doing it.

What I’m finding is that many of us are guilty of putting our true happiness on pause, patiently and sometimes not so patiently waiting for this allusive “someday” to arrive and in most cases it never does. With the recent passing of so many of our loved ones including our pets, we are once again being reminded that life is short and there are no guarantees that tomorrow will come. The present moment is what we have and in all actuality it is all we have ever had. We must begin to occupy our present moments and fill them with the life that we have put on hold for “someday.” When we are willing to do this life will transform itself into something that we have up until now, only wished for.

This reminds me a story about a woman who for years had dreamed of buying a Pucci scarf (very high end and super expensive). The woman would daydream about what it would be like to own such a beautiful piece of wearable art, so alive with color and beauty. She lived a modest life with her husband and daughter, she always put others needs before her own. Finally after years of pinching her pennies she had finally saved up enough money to purchase her dream scarf. She went right out and bought the scarf.

When she returned home she was admiring her beautiful scarf before placing it in her dresser drawer, just then her daughter walked into her room. The woman said, “Isn’t this beautiful, it’s a Pucci and I have wanted one of these scarfs for as long as I can remember.”  The daughter agreed it was very beautiful. To which the woman said, “I will save it for a special occasion so it won’t get ruined. But, please don’t tell your Father that I bought it he wouldn’t like the fact that I spent so much money on such an extravagant item.”

A year or so had passed and the woman was yet to wear her precious scarf. A week later the woman was involved in a terrible auto accident and died shortly afterwards. As her husband and daughter were going through her clothes trying to choose what items they would bury her in, they ran across her beloved scarf. The daughter told her Father that her Mother had always loved the scarf but had never worn it because she didn’t want it to get messed up as she was saving it for a special occasion. The Father replied, “It’s too bad she didn’t enjoy it while she was alive and it’s so sad that her special occasion had to be her own funeral.” So they buried her with her beloved scarf.

If there is something that you would absolutely love to have or do that you have placed on your “someday list”, why not go for it? So often joy is found in the simplest of things including spending time with those we love, doing things we genuinely enjoy, while making memories that last a lifetime. These are life’s true priceless gems.

By the way, Ken & I have been enjoying shopping for new bikes together. This is something we have had on our “someday list” for quite awhile now. On one of  our adventures, I even saw a little bike bell that looked just like a little teapot, it really made my heart smile. After much research and comparison we are about to make our soul stirring purchase later this month. Exciting stuff? You bet it is!

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