Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter February 19,2013

180d6b2ab46ca2c8033d93d066cc7afe_i43dBypass The Body Slam-

I have been noticing a lot of little annoyances happening all around us lately. I realize that to some extent these sorts of things happen all the time. Currently, however these minor irritations seem to be increasing more and more. It’s not about the annoyances; it’s about the choices we are making in and around them.

Someone recently said to me, ” I feel as if I have become disconnected from my old life .” After hearing this I then began noticing these same patterns occurring throughout the lives of many of the people I have been talking with lately. In this time of new change, we all seem to be going through different aspects of the very same things.

Over the past year or so, time seems to have sped up considerably. Through all this we have been and continue to be experiencing great changes. These changes are occurring on global levels as well as, within our own personal lives. In the past, we had  been able to see glimpses of what our future might look like. As time moved on, we have become no longer able to see any glimpses at all. It’s as if we are standing in front of a solid brick wall. It is my belief that we were each being asked to step out in full trust.

Fast forward- to the present and this window of opportunity appears to be slowly closing. Therefore, many of us may be experiencing this disconnection from our lives, as we once knew them. Only this time those of us that hesitated in stepping out in trust and faith, are beginning to be pushed out of the nest so to speak in order to fly with new wings. Whether we like it or not, it appears that the choice to do so is being made for us by the events and circumstances that are manifesting within our lives.

Currently, many people are making their transitions to the other side, where they can serve in a much larger capacity for the greater good of all concerned. While others are becoming extremely ill after years of forcing themselves to work in occupations that they have come to be disenchanted with, oftentimes even hate. When we spend the majority of our waking moments working, it is so important that we are in alignment mentally, physically, and spiritually with what it is that we are doing. It’s all interconnected.

Through these imbalances we are actually being given opportunities to reevaluate what is or is not working for us. I have always said some of us need a tap on the shoulder and some of us need a body slam in order to wake up to reality. I have had several body slams throughout my life and through each one, I have gained incredible insights and wisdom. Gotta love those wake up calls.

If you currently find yourself in the midst of something like this, perhaps it’s the universe’s way of stopping or slowing you down in order to look at what is right in front of you- your truest truth. Maybe you have been avoiding even glancing in its direction, or your auto pilot switch might no longer be working for you. In either case, it might very well be time to get really honest with yourself and your feelings.  Personally, I have made some of the best decisions of my life whenever I have been going through an illness.

If on the other hand, you are experiencing “this old suit no longer fits me syndrome”, I invite you to bypass the body slam. Take this message as your tap on the shoulder. Then do some honest and uncensored soul searching, by using your emotions and feelings as your guideposts. For many of you this may seem like uncharted territory, and in reality it is. I’m not saying this will be an easy journey, what I am saying is, it will have been so worth it. Because, you are worth it. And, most importantly your health and well-being are PRICELESS.

With Light and Love,


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