Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter December 4, 2013

The Dance Of Discoveryphoto 3-1 Throughout our lives we are continually recreating and transforming ourselves into to who we are becoming next. I believe as long as we are breathing we are learning something. Sometimes what we need to learn involves a great deal of action and other times what we need to learn is simply to be still. It is in the stillness that we hear the voiceless voice of our higher selves, angels, spirit guides and most importantly our Creator.

It’s in this place of stillness where we find the answers to our questions, discover new ideas and inspirations, cultivate compassion for others and ourselves, and ultimately uncover the core of who we truly are.

These periods of transformation can appear in different degrees from the very subtle to the very obvious. As we are transforming mentally, spiritually and emotionally on inside, these changes become evident on the outside. When we are going through major transformations our vibratory frequencies change as well. Therefore, things that we used to like no longer resonate with us. So we begin exploring the likes and dislikes of this new person we are becoming.

From my own experience I know that I personally go through major transformations approximately every 8-10 months. For those of you who have known me over the years you know exactly what I’m talking about. All I need to do is look back on my photos from the past few years to see the transformations. Often when someone hasn’t seen me for a year or two they remark how different I look and that they might not have recognized me if I had not spoken to them.

When these transformations are occurring you might feel like tossing out most of your clothes because the colors and styles no longer express who you are. Or perhaps your old style of home decor no longer fits you. It’s time to get creative. First, explore what really speaks to you in ways that cause you to feel truly happy and revitalized from the inside out. Then you can begin putting these new inspirations into action.

You might want to consider reusing your current things in new and exciting ways. Repurpose, reuse, and recycle as much as you can. An empty closet or spare room could become your new home office space, a corner in your bedroom could become a beautiful new meditation space or relaxing reading nook. If you are feeling like a world traveler, why not bring the look and feel of some of your favorite places into your home or garden. Why not explore world cuisine? Consider trying out a new ethnic restaurant or cooking an exotic dish yourself. The more you connect with your authentic self the more it will be revealed.

If you find yourself being drawn to new interests, colors, styles, music, or books, by all means explore them. Find new and unique ways to infuse them into your life. The driving force behind all this is your authentic self, crying out to you for acknowledgment. Much like the beginning of a great waltz, when both partners step forward, hands joined, arms wrapped around one another  they begin the dance. Only in this new dance you allow your authentic self to take the lead. The more you dance together, the more you move as one. And before you know it, you are transformed into your authentic self. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful  dance of self discovery.

In Light & Love,


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