Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter August 15, 2013

Freedom Through Surrender-photo copy

As I have said in the past, in order for the Universe to get our attention sometimes we need a little tap on the shoulder or sometimes we need a full body slam. Last year, someone very near and dear to my heart experienced a full on body slam (both literally and figuratively). Although he was given subtle messages off and on for sometime, he chose to push through the pain and ignore what his body had been telling them all along; something was seriously out of alignment and changes needed to be made in order to restore his mind-body-spirit to a place of cohesion. A few months later, his body finally sounded the trumpet “Enough”. Through a series of unfortunate events including  countless doctors visits, extended leave from work, the inability to perform simple everyday tasks. This allowed him the opportunity to soften to the reality of what was going on not only inside of him but all around him.

This, my friends, is where the rubber truly meets the road. We find ourselves in a place where we can reflect on our lives, the choices we have made and most importantly the events that led to this life altering body slam. We might even find ourselves being faced with our own mortality, depending on how hard of a blow we have received. This causes us to ponder the questions: what would I do differently in my life? How would I chose to spend my moments and with whom do i chose to spend them?

The lesson here is simple: if we don’t find a way to deal with the stress in our lives, sooner or later our bodies will take us down and out. And by this I am referring to laying us out flat on our backs. We go from 60mph- zero in no time at all. Hitting the wall is our body’s way of making us stop and listen up.

Through this inner reflection we come to realize that the things in life that matter the most are not things at all; they are moments that we spend doing what we love with the people we love. That is where our true life’s treasures lie.

Fast-forward not quite a year later. Having faced his own mortality and gone through the processes of deep self-reflection and inner dialogue, he is transformed. It took a million tiny steps to go from the person that he used to be to the empowered, insightful, intuitive man he has become.

Rebuilding is a process of standing fully in our power and having the courage and fortitude to step forward even when everything we have learned up until that moment tells us it might not be possible. We must come to a place of complete surrender. The surrendering of who we once were and of who it is that we are yet to be. A place of not knowing what the future holds, while at the same time trusting that all will be revealed to us in divine and perfect order. As we embrace the fact that the same supreme power that created and supports the entire universe also supports us as well. When we live from a place of authenticity fears, stresses, and illness fall away. Freedom is achieved through our surrender to something that is much greater than ourselves.

In Light & Love,


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