Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter April 2, 2013

180d6b2ab46ca2c8033d93d066cc7afe_i43dBaggage Check

My inspiration for this newsletter came from a private session I did with one of my clients this past week. Being a very visual person I often receive messages and information in the form of pictures or images. The visual described here illustrates how we oftentimes weigh ourselves down by carrying the fears, worries, pains, and anything else that can negatively affect us in order to relieve another from their so called burdens. Which in all actuality is never their burdens, it’s their life lessons and aren’t those exactly the things we have come here to experience and learn from? This is where being a big-hearted giver can really get in not only our way, but the way of others as well.

Just like at the airport when you’re waiting at the luggage carousel to collect your bags, you realize that bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You begin waiting patiently then suddenly the alarm goes off and the bags begin to fly out of the chute onto the carousel and whizz around right in front of you. Some bags appear to look just like your bag so you mistakenly reach out and grab them off the revolving carousel only to realize by checking the luggage tag that it’s not your bag. Some bags often appear very similar to our own however; on closer inspection we realize they are very different indeed.

To the big hearts and the over-givers of the world this could seem like an endless buffet of irresistible possibilities as well as countless opportunities to help others whose loads we wish to lighten for them. But alas, if we capture and carry everyone else’s bags then the next thing we know our bags are stacked a mile high on our backs. Soon our backs will be breaking from the weight of the load we have chosen to carry. It will begin to weigh us down until we are finally no longer able to lift our load at all.  At this point we realize we can’t even tell the difference between our baggage and someone else’s because it’s all just stuff. It not only weighs us down, it drains us and eventually over time can wipe us out. This in turn makes us irritable and anxious often resulting in bringing out the worst in us.

Until finally we reach a point where it’s time to do an official “baggage check.” We need to begin pulling down those bags we have stacked up and have been carrying in order to see who they actual belong to.

First, we have to ask ourselves: is this really mine or is it someone else’s?
If it’s truly someone else’s, we can then chose to easily let it go by realizing it’s just not ours to carry. It’s excess baggage so cut the bungee cord and let it drop.
Then ask, did I consciously or unconsciously pick up this bag that is clearly not mine to carry? Hint- this answer will tell you whether or not you have become a habitual baggage handler. Unless you are a professional baggage handler employed at an airport or train station, slowly back up and move away from the bags. We appreciate your big-hearted nature but you are seriously encroaching on someone else’s destiny and how dare you try to interfere with it for it is theirs and not yours.
When we are finally able to identify the true owner of the baggage and perhaps even its origin we can then begin the simple process of letting go of what is clearly not ours to carry. We may even discover that what we might have originally picked up, say a bag or two from someone else, might have very well multiplied into four or five more residual bags. By residual, I am referring to thoughts, emotions or feelings that were created from carrying unnecessary baggage in the first place. This all makes for mountains of mayhem.
And finally, if this is truly my bag with my stuff, what should I do with it?
Well, first off the choice is always yours. You should at least open your bag for inspection and see what it contains by taking a much needed inventory. Then once you have identified the contents you can choose to lighten your load by letting go of what no longer serves you or you can choose to stuff it all back in your bag, zip it up and fling it back up on your back. Remember there is no wrong choice; it’s only what’s right for you.

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