Intuitive Illuminations Newsletter April 16, 2013

180d6b2ab46ca2c8033d93d066cc7afe_i43dClosing The Door Behind You-

I was talking with a friend the other day and I was struck by something she shared with me. She said that she had made plans to meet with someone she really didn’t want to meet with. She then shared with me that when she was making the arrangements the other person kept narrowing the time frame. Ultimately the time that they would be meeting was narrowed down to a very short window of availability. From my perspective, it was clear that neither one of the individuals involved really wanted to meet with each other and that they were only doing so out of politeness. Note to self- whenever we do things out politeness instead of our true desire there is an underlying “yuckiness” that is unmistakable.

Which brings me to my point. There are times throughout our lives when we realize that we might be forcing a door to remain open that simply needs to be allowed to close. This is oftentimes the case with many of our relationships. The reasons why we continue to do this are countless and in all actuality they don’t even matter. The truth is not about letting go of something, it’s about the realization of what is already gone.

It’s as if we are standing in the middle of a courtyard with doors all around us. These doors represent our relationships with others. Some doors are closed, while others remain wide open. There might even be some doors that we have placed a doorstop under in order to keep them from fully closing. Perhaps we are trying to delay the inevitable even though we know deep within ourselves we are done. It might just be time to pull out the doorstop and let that door that we have been struggling to hold open finally shut. As for our relationship with the other person, we certainly wouldn’t want to hold anyone back from walking his or her true path in life and we certainly don’t want anyone holding us back from walking our true path as well.

I refer to this as the Universe cleaning house. These doors can either close by our own choosing or the Universe can close them for us through a variety of different ways. When the later happens it can come on all of a sudden without any warning and bam! the door is shut. In turn relieves us of any of the burdens of closing the door ourselves. I have personally experienced and witnessed the Universe cleaning house in huge ways. Oftentimes by removing many different people from our lives all at once.

When this happens it can certainly be devastating and it can feel as if we are standing in our courtyard all alone. The truth is we are never alone; Spirit is always within us.
In the aftermath we are brought to our threshold. I call this the heartbeat before the panic. In that very moment new doors begin to fly open and wonderful new people begin to come into our lives. We find that these new people are much more in alignment with our true selves and our new directions in life. These new people fill us up by encouraging us to climb higher and challenging us to show up everyday as who we truly are and not as who we think we should be.

Whenever you see a door beginning to close, allow it to do so with love by being grateful for all the wonderful experiences and wisdom the relationship has blessed you with. It’s as simple as, closing your eyes, clearing your heart and letting it go.

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