Intuitive Counseling Sessions

252286_479147758790296_931228570_nIntuitive Counseling/Coaching

Shirley brings a wealth of experience to her intuitive counseling/coaching practice. Assisting you in many different aspects of your life including your career, relationships with others and most importantly with yourself. She has been assisting clients in her private practice for over 13 years.

The good news is that you hold the keys to your freedom. Shirley can assist you in moving fearlessly forward and will be there for you every step of the way. Shirley will become your greatest cheerleader, your touchstone, coach and mentor. She will support you in creating and manifesting the life that you have always wanted.

Personal Counseling/Coaching can assist you with:

Stressful life challenges.

Transitions- in your business and personal life.

Taking leaps of faith.

Relief from grief.

Creating and maintaining a more balanced life.

Deepening your relationships.

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Uncovering your hidden gifts.

Identifying self sabotaging behaviors aka your blind spots.

Discovering your deepest heart’s desires.

Moving fearlessly forward while sailing in uncharted territory.

Achieving and maintaining inner peace.

Increasing self esteem, self  love and acceptance.

Living an authentic life.

Working smarter not harder.

Making a life and not just a living.