46765_1547247929985_1498656727_1399118_8219341_s2I have personally been facilitating an end of year Burning Bowl Ceremony for the past ten years. Having the opportunity to be a part of creating a sacred space where others can come together with the common goal of creating and letting go. All the while filled with hope for even greater experiences yet to come. This is both a privilege and an honor. After my ceremony this year a wonderful woman who attended, invited me to a New Years Day Celebration in the desert.

Like my ceremony, it too has become a yearly tradition for
many folks. I was told that they have been doing this event for the past twelve years.
So on New Years Day, I had the pleasure of gathering with about sixty individuals of like
minds and hearts. As we sat together outside in the desert on the gorgeous grounds of
the Franciscan Renewal Center, our hearts and minds began to link and meld together
as one. Upon my arrival I knew only two people there. When we ended our time
together we all felt like family. This really hit home for me how interconnected we all
really are whether we are sitting right next to someone or are half a world apart we are
connected one another through the divine web of life.
We joined together to release things that no longer serve us, giving gratitude for what
we had been given in the past year, and setting our intentions for what the future will
bring us was truly a sacred experience. Although both ceremonies/events were different
many of the threads that ran through each event were very much the same. This go’s to
show even further that yes, we really are interconnected.

Although the messenger may be different, the underlying common threads are indeed
the same. I have always been a firm believer that when like minds and open hearts
come together it creates a synergy for something greater to come. Be it, Spirit- Creator-
Universe- or by whatever name you chose to call. Thus creating transformations,
epiphanies, and aha moments. In other words this creates a sacred space where
whatever is needed will flow. If we are willing and open, change can come in an instant.
Yes, we are interconnected to one another and I believe with all the shifts and changes
taking place in our outer world, as well as our inner world, it is felt even more so at this
time. We can accomplish so much more together than we ever can singly. By dropping
the whole judgement and competition mindsets, we then realize just because someone
else’s way of living- being or doing is different from our own doesn’t mean it is wrong. It
is just another way that ultimately will lead to the very same destination. Who are we to
judge it or label it right or wrong?

The world is a miraculous place filled with mystery, adventure, some things known and
some things unknown. It can make your heart smile and fill you with more love than you
even thought was possible. And, sometimes it can break your heart wide open exposing
the pain and ache within the ache, causing us to feel as if our hearts have been
shattered beyond repair.
In either experience of our heart’s breaking or singing, Spirit is always there. Through
which comfort will come, happiness will return and a new day and a new you will come.
As you might have guessed from the title of this article my intention word for 2013 is
INTERCONNECTEDNESS. I am so looking forward to watching how this will unfold in
this brand New Year!

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