Hand Circle

Circles of Light, Intuitive Development Groups™  created by Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

The vision is to gather together in small, intimate groups of like  minds. As we come together we will share, explore and deepen our intuitive gifts. We will create a sacred space that will nurture, protect and inspire us while learning and growing together.  The intention  here is that group members will hone their skills and become stronger and more confident. Along with this group members will   learn numerous tips, tools and techniques to enhance our  life.   The first group meeting will be at no cost- the cost thereafter will be $30 per meeting/per person. Our meetings will be held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and approx. 90 minutes in length.

Expansion Program

After completion of the first phase of the groups, we will be offering an expansion program which will include expert guests who will be sharing their special gifts and knowledge with us.

Group  space is limited reserve your spot today!


Group Testimonials

The wealth of information and experience you provide is more than I could have imagined. Everything that you brought to the table was so well planned out. You put so much energy into our group training and you are so talented.I now trust my intuition and listen to my gut feelings. I have experienced more colors in my meditation. I have opened up to communicate with my spirit guides and angels. I feel more focused on what I want in my life.”   

 Shirley is a gifted loving and talented intuitive teacher. She is a clairvoyant that has given me many messages from my loved ones who have passed on which has given me much peace and reassurance. I am starting another group with Shirley based on the poem Invitation. I am open to the various classes that Shirley has to offer.”   Mary Kay O.


Shirley is truly a giving soul. Shirley offered guidance (that she intercepted) for us as questions and problems we were working through came bubbling up to the surface. Being given a safe space to express what we were all going through was/is priceless. Absolutely, positively–given time to play with all the objects was a treat! The DOING was essential in getting past just thinking or believing we are using our intuition. Shirley is Heart-centered, open and honestly connected to the Divine Flow of Source.”   Jeanne N. 


“My awareness has grown.  I now pay much more attention to what is coming through for me.  During the class Spirit has shown me different ways of connection and different ways of getting confirmation.  I have learned in the past that the moment I say yes to anything the instruction begins immediately, doors start to open, I have just to say okay, I’ll do it!  I think the biggest thing I have learned to trust what is coming through. Before the class I was afraid of trusting the information at times.  So the class progressed me to the point of trusting the information. Wow!  What a Gift!” 

Shirley is an angel, sent to earth to teach and to share her gifts.  She is loving, willing to share, is an excellent teacher/mentor and friend.  A very trust worthy person to let into my home. Her energy is peaceful and fun and she has a great sense of humor.  I found Shirley to be a well rounded individual whose ability to teach what she knows to be outstanding.”   Mary K.