Gifts Of Grace-


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“Courage is grace under pressure.” Ernest Hemingway

Grace is a one of the most magnificent mysteries of life; it meets us exactly where we are, then transports us far beyond where it found us. It not only transports us, it transforms us throughout the entire process of its manifestation. Shining like a beacon within the darkest of nights.

Among the many gifts that grace teaches us is how to hold someone or something in our hearts even when we don’t agree with the thoughts, actions, or people that are behind them. Grace allows us the opportunity to expand in ways that rise to meet that which is greater than ourselves. It molds and shapes us into the divine vessels we were born to be, and in turn allows us to say and do the things that only love can do. It allows the world to break our hearts and to continue to love it anyway.

Grace is expressed through the language of intuition. When we are willing to listen, trust, and follow our inner guidance, we are able to stay connected to the eternal flow of life. Grace is found in those moments throughout our lives when we reach a place of surrender within ourself. The place where we let go of any preconceived notions we might have had, to force ourself to swim against the stream tirelessly fighting against the current. Going against the flow is exh

austing and depletes all of our resources in the process. This is where we discover that surrender is the key that unlocks the blessings of grace.

We listen and then follow the urgings of grace calling to us to dive into the river life and allow it to carry us in the direction that is not only perfectly aligned with our higher self by with all of creation. It’s in these moments in life that we make choices that change our lives forever. These moments become turning points, and in these moments of grace we become aware that the life we have been living no longer reflects whom we truly are and where we know we are meant to go.

For some of us, these moments may result from a traumatic life event or it may be as simple as waking up one morning with an overwhelming feeling that it’s time for a change. As we become more conscious of what’s no longer working in our lives, we also become much more aware of things that are working as well. It’s our connection to our authenticity that is our driving force that propels us forward to move through these changes in spite of our fears.

Below are a few points to consider.

When we choose to live a more conscious life, signs of grace appear all around us.

When we are willing to release any attachments we might be holding on to for a particular outcome, we create space for grace to arrive.

Allow yourself to view the past through the eyes of grace. Everything that you experienced was orchestrated for your own spiritual evolution.

When we combine our actions with faith, the power of grace comes shining through.

Take an inner journey, the more we drink from our inner well the more we are renewed and reawakened through grace.

Grace is one of our greatest gifts given to us by our Creator; in fact it is our birthright. There is nothing we must say or do to earn it.

May the gifts of grace bless you and your loved ones this holiday season and all throughout the new year.

In Light and Love, Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

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