Desperate For Respite

photo 11Respite calls to us when it’s time for us to honor our inner sojourn. When we move into quiet respite we rejuvenate our body’s life force energy and awaken our sleeping passions. Replenishing our life force energies takes us to a place of silence and stillness.

So often we are running on empty having exhausted all of our reserves we become too busy to take the time to refuel ourselves. It is in this place of respite that we allow our life force energy to flow mindfully through us clearing away any blockages that may be hindering its smooth passage. This stillness washes over us and guides us to our inner sanctuary where we can easily access our dreams and visions without any interruptions from the outside world. After our peaceful retreat we return to our daily lives as powerful conduits of peace and calm, and we are much better equipped to handle the craziness of life’s storms.

The lesson here is to honor the guidance of our higher self in order to find the proper balance between activity and rest. In this way we learn to conserve our energies and not crash and burn  as many of us have a tendency to do.  As we reflect we become aware that we have put our own basic needs for respite last on our to do list (in all actuality, we probably aren’t even on the list). In order to be able to access our gifts of strength and renewal, we must be at peace and in balance with ourselves. Through this knowing we are able to recognize the blessings and miracles that are being offered to us each day. After spending some relaxing downtime, we can then return to our daily lives renewed, refreshed, and alive with possibilities.

The answer lies in the knowing of when to hold’em and when to fold’em. We must allow  ourselves to retreat instead of continuing to push even harder which, in the end only creates more resistance. The dynamics of the situation shifts instantly once we recognize this. There is an abundance of strength and energy available to us if we are willing to stop trying to force things into being something they simply are not. In the silence of our respite we find self-empowerment through our renewed sense of passion on purpose. Just as a great warrior knows when to use her instincts to charge forward and when to become invisible, we must rely on our own inner knowing to discern our next move.





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