The Pursuit Of Beauty

 Beauty casts itself in a million different faces, forms, and places. It’s often found buried deep within the most    unlikely of places just waiting to be discovered by the adoring eyes of its beloved. Beauty takes on many different aspects: such as time, creativity, movement, stillness, decay, and transformation. There are no limits to […]

Good For Now

Recently, I have been noticing repeating patterns in my life and those around me. It’s as if we’re moving into a place of deepening empowerment. We are being presented with experiences that beckon to us to take a stand for what we believe in. By taking a stand we are able to consciously slow down […]

Spring Has Sprung

  Spring is a celebration of the renewal of life force energy arising when all appeared to be silent and sleeping. It’s a time when we are born anew signaling a resurgence of power to achieve all that our hearts desire. Mother Nature, gently calls to us to begin creating the new ideas and projects […]

Weathering The Storms Of Life

  Recently an unexpected storm blew into our lives and over the last few weeks we have been doing all we can to keep our heads above the water. As a family once divided we have now become reunited. It really is amazing to see how in the midst of a life threatening storm love […]

Desperate For Respite

Respite calls to us when it’s time for us to honor our inner sojourn. When we move into quiet respite we rejuvenate our body’s life force energy and awaken our sleeping passions. Replenishing our life force energies takes us to a place of silence and stillness. So often we are running on empty having exhausted […]

New Beginnings 2014

The great wheel of time has once again ushered in a brand new year full of hopes, dreams, and adventures just waiting to be born. For many of us just stepping off the crazy train of the holiday season comes as a huge relief. Having been on sensory overload for the past few months we […]