Balance -Part 2

plate-spinning I used to think I would hurt some one’s feelings by saying “No,” so I didn’t say it very much. I would always want things to be fair (not sure if this is a Libra thing or not) and was heartbroken the moment I realized things are not always fair. I was a perpetual giver ( I still am a giver, only in a more balanced and healthy way) and would feel that when someone had to much baggage to carry in their life that it wasn’t fair for them. So I would try and relieve them by taking on some of their stuff to lighten their load. I would do this over and over until  I became so bogged down with so much stuff that I couldn’t even tell the difference between my stuff and someone else’s.

That’s when we fly into shut down/ meltdown mode. Our energies are depleted, our reserve tank is empty and there is nothing left to do but pull back and restore yourself. There are many ways to do this we each have our preferred avenues that take us there. However, after having done this several times throughout my life I can attest there comes a point when you realize what you have been doing and how it has affected you through the tailspins you have been sent through. You realize you must give to yourself first. This is not a selfish act, it is a NECESSARY one and  it is also the most loving thing we can ever do for ourselves.

I really love it when I honor and take care of myself. Actually no one can take better care of you than you. It’s in the little things we do everyday. When we are finally aware of this and begin taking notice.  It’s amazing all the little things we do and don’t do for ourselves. We a our greatest caretakers- meant to take loving care of our mind, body and spirit. Each in our own unique and loving ways. Even in the expression “take care”  meaning: take care of yourself until we meet again. Isn’t it interesting how often we can find ourselves on the bottom of our to do  list?

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