Are You An Intuitive Empath?

intuitionEmpaths are extremely sensitive individuals that experience life through their intuition. They can easily pick up the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others as well as, the energies of the places they visit. An empath’s gifts of clear feeling are also known as clairsentience. Empaths are much more feeling oriented than other individuals. Empaths receive their intuitive guidance by experiencing the world through their emotions: by gauging how someone or something feels or through physical sensations such as pain or discomfort in the body, changes in temperature and/or air pressure, smelling something that has no actual point of origin or sensing as if someone or thing is touching them. Empaths feel emotions that come on all of a sudden as if out of nowhere.

Clairsentience is by far the most common way most people receive their intuitive guidance. I believe we come into this world with all our senses wide open especially our intuitive ones. Clairvoyance, aka as clear vision also plays a huge role in our lives especially during our formative childhood years. The evidence of this can be found among our earliest memories of our so called imaginary friends or having had conversations with our deceased loved ones that passed on before we were born. Around the age of 7 years old the veil of consciousness begins to solidify upon us and we begin to lose our vision as well as, our memories of things from before we were born. This veil is a form of protection to assist us in focusing on the path and lessons we came here to experience and learn. Just as a person who is born with vision and then later in life loses their vision their remaining senses become heightened. Thus when we lose our spiritual vision our other intuitive senses are heightened and in most cases clairsentience becomes our strongest gift.

Being an empath truly is a gift. Empaths are kind, loving and compassionate individuals with big hearts and are natural born nurturers. Empaths thrive in positive and peaceful environments. However, when they find themselves surrounded by negativity they begin to feel drained and depleted, as if someone or something has sucked their life force right out of them. When this happen empaths can easily become overloaded with anxiety, fear, and stress. Some empaths may even find themselves turning to addictive behaviors in order to combat the negative energies they have absorbed. In order to maintain their health and well being it is important that empaths learn to use their gifts of intuition without taking on the feelings and emotions of other people. With that said, empaths are highly advised to practice grounding, clearing, and protection techniques.

12 Or More Questions To Ask Yourself?

1. Do you become easily overwhelmed especially in public places, often feeling like a human sponge soaking up the emotions and energies of everyone and everything around you?.

2. Are you so sensitive to negativity that you try to avoid it at all costs often by refusing to read the newspaper, watch the news, or view violent movies and television shows.? Whenever you are exposed to these things, do you feel as if it’s actually happening to you?

3. Do you often feel the emotion and pain of others, and do you have a tendency to take this on as your own? This can be especially true in regard to the people that you have a deep connection with.

4. Do you find yourself experiencing lower back pain or digestive issues as a result of absorbing too much energy of others?

5. Do you have a tendency to carry excess weight in the midsection of your body? Is it possible you could be using this extra weight as a protective shield in order to deflect the negative energies away from you.? Did you ever stop to notice that you might be carrying excess weight as a way to help you to feel more grounded?

6. Are you a extremely loving and caring individual that has a deep respect for all forms of life? Do you embrace the philosophy of serving the highest and best good for all concerned, as well as, harm none?

7. Are you passionate about truth and justice for all? Are you the first to stand up for your own rights as well as, the rights of others that have been mistreated, disrespected, or who are suffering in any way?

8. Do you gravitate to anything metaphysical? Do you often feel as if you are re-remembering subjects you have no prior knowledge of?

9. Do you have a natural ability to be a healer however, you often take on too much from others and can become wiped out in the process? If so, it’s important for you to learn early on how to protect and clear yourself.

10..Do you have a deep love of nature, animals, and/or the environment:? Is being outdoors in nature a must for you?

11. Do you have a tendency to go on information overload? Do you question anything and everything? Do you find yourself leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of finding the answers to your questions?

12..Are you on a constant quest for freedom, adventure, and/or travel? Do you often find yourself getting restless or bored whenever you begin to feel stuck?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions: Congratulations! you are an intuitive empath!


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