The Flames We Chose to Fan


What form of expression are you using to give your inner voice an outward expression in the world? Are you lost in all the choices? Afraid to limit yourself to just one choice? Not sure where to start? Did someone once tell you, you weren’t good at or couldn’t do something?

Each of us has a voice within us that yearns to be heard. The vehicles we use to express our inner voice are as unique as we are. Some of us chose to express ourselves through words and feelings; we weave our thoughts, ideas, and inspirations into either written or spoken form. While others express their voice by bringing their visions and dreams into realty through pictures, images, colors, and textures. There are others that express their unique voice by interpreting the universal rhythms of life through beats, tones, silences, voice, chant and melody. Lastly, there are those that express their voice through actions. Their movements can flow either upward, downward, at an angle, or remain still.

In the book The Five Languages of Love, author Gary Chapman, explains that we each have our own love language. These are the ways in which we prefer to give and receive love. Most of us have a primary and a secondary love language.They are as follows: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.These love languages are a wonderful example of how we each express ourselves individually. Chapman also points out that we express our love to another through our own love languages, however this might not necessarily be the same love language our beloved speaks and recognizes.

Just as knowing our love language, as well as our beloved’s, can assist us in creating more harmonious relationships by learning and speaking each other’s love languages this can make a significant difference in our lives. Most importantly, we can begin moving into a place that is much more in alignment with our natural rhythms and talents instead of forcing ourselves into a mold that constricts us and prohibits us from our true expression.

I believe one of the greatest epidemics of our time is blocked creativity. If you never considered yourself a creative person, consider again. The very thoughts and ideas you are thinking right now are fast at work creating your reality.The countless ways in we which we chose to express our inner voice are all creative energies. We must learn to let go of the thought that creativity is something reserved just for artists. The very fact that you are here on earth in your body makes you an artist in your own right.

It’s our soul’s longing to express itself creatively in the world. Inspiration is all around us if we just take a moment to recognize and then listen to it. It calls out to us and through us. The spark of inspiration is ignited in countless ways through nature, science, or discovery. It can even be sprinkled along the path by those who have walked before us. Who we are in the moment and where we are at in our present experience define our point along the path.The differences lie within the mindset, the filter, and the flames we choose to fan.

When we honor what we hear within our hearts, the invisible becomes visible and the spark of all creation is made manifest into the world adding its essence upon the great wheel of life that spins eternally.


Shirley Swift Wilkinson




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