The Pursuit Of Beauty

images Beauty casts itself in a million different faces, forms, and places. It’s often found buried deep within the most    unlikely of places just waiting to be discovered by the adoring eyes of its beloved. Beauty takes on many different aspects: such as time, creativity, movement, stillness, decay, and transformation. There are no limits to how or when  it will reveal itself to the world.

Beauty is both seen and unseen, yet its essence continues to shine outward from wherever it’s found. Beauty is subjective, just as art is. What one person appreciates or is enamored with can be the very same thing that repulses another. If beauty really is found in the eyes of the beholder, then aren’t we both the beholder as well as the beheld?

Beauty is found on the surface of things and in the essence of them. It’s found within the fragrance of our memories and in the thoughts that we think, the words that we speak, the actions that we take or do not take; it’s the very essence of all that is.

Beauty can be witnessed all around us: scattered among our past, as well as seeded in our hopes for the future. It is reflected back to us through our own eyes or through the eyes of another. Beauty lies in front of us and behind us, to our right and to our left, above us and below us, around us and within us. It is also found within our present moments and propels itself to our dreams of what is yet to be.

Beauty is not an illusive creature that must be stalked. All that is necessary in our pursuit of it is: to find a quiet place to close our eyes and be still, take in a few deep breaths. Instantly we feel it radiating from deep within us. Once we have found it within us, we can open our eyes and as we look around we realize it’s everywhere and in everything. Beauty is as close to us as the beating heart within our chest. Each time we rediscover our own inner beauty it changes us, deepening our lives and all of our experiences. Beauty has a way of continually showing up and revealing itself to us in the most extraordinary ways. When we are willing take a moment to acknowledge beauty and then lean into it; that my friends is when the real magic happens and the true beauty is revealed!



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“Our purpose in life is to be happy, for when
we are truly happy this is how we change the world.”
-Shirley Swift-Wilkinson

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